Instructions for installation and use



– We create a database in mysql. There is no need to import sql script. The application will automatically create the entire database structure – We are downloading the application files from here to the folder we want on the web server. Or download or directly with git

git clone myWebServerPath

The project at is here.

– We rename src/ to src/ and set the mysql credentials

– We give write permissions to the /upload directory


– We run the application and create the first user admin. The creation of the user automatically creates the original values in the options – We login to the application and go to settings/options, to make as many changes as we want. – We go to the Collection and add the paths that are our music files so the app can import them into the database. At each point of the application that is needed, there is a question mark icon that by clicking it displays detailed instructions for that point.


It requires installing in linux (Apache, PHP7, mySQL), because some linux applications and other command line commands are used.


Be careful that the filenames of the files do not have strange special characters, otherwise they will not be recognized and will cause sync problems. eg If a file has the character ‘+’, it will not be able to be imported There is a problem with Greek metatags on some mp3s. They will inserted to the database but some will be “Chinese”. The interface is by no means finished, but the basics are normal.


For your files there is no problem deleting something. Where necessary (when we click delete) first asks for confirmation. While it wants to delete mass files (in sync, for example, if it finds duplicate files) it will asks and needs confirmation. It also does not edit any files. All metadata are written in the database and artworks are saved in a related directory.


We download the files from the project and copy them over to the previous ones. Alternatively, we use git for automatic update

sudo git pull