Change Log

2017-10-14: 0.13.0

  • Changes to javascript code
  • Implementation of ajax calls with routing in relative class

2017-9-23: 0.12.0

  • It creates separate directories per day, when the user uploads files
  • The user no longer needs to declare the application path in the file
  • Changes to the structure of the code
  • Small improvements in the code
  • Bug fixes

2017-9-8: 0.11.0

  • Uploading files from web interface
  • Beta version

2017-8-27: 0.10.0

  • Changes in the system of displaying the results of a task (synchronization, etc.). They appear in a separate window
  • Added animated parrot instead of the classic loading icon or progress bar
  • Changes to the code architecture for file synchronization
  • Improve checking on the existence and rights of the various required directories
  • Fix on user registration
  • Added option for maximum video resolution to download
  • Improve installation checking for required applications

2017-7-10: 0.9.0

  • Improve the synchronization code
  • Automatically import into the database files downloaded from youtube
  • Bug Fixes

2017-6-24: 0.8.0

  • Change to CSS architecture
  • Change the way the files are served. The paths of the files no longer need to be declared as an alias in the apache settings.
  • Ability for more complex search by grouping any search fields that the user wants.
  • The user can add as many search fields as he wants.
  • Ability to save/read search choices (smart playlists)
  • Navigation (previous/next page) now works when a manual playlist is loaded

2017-5-14: 0.7.1

  • Fix on youtube downloading
  • Convert the video title to small letters, and the first letter of each word to capital

2017-5-9: 0.7.0

  • Breaking the OWMP class
  • Add a sleep timer that stops playing the songs after the time selected

2017-4-24: 0.6.0 Translation of help texts in English 2017-4-16: 0.5.1

  • Bug Fixes

2017-4-16: 0.5.0

  • After the backup you can download the sql file
  • You have to choose the paths for every write operation need to be done
  • You don’t have enymore to choose “main/not main” at library paths
  • Improvements on library screen with group options

2017-4-8: 0.4.0

  • Improvements on backup/restore. Restore by choosing the .sql file you want.
  • Changes on framework structure

2017-3-28: 0.3.3

  • Improvements on backup/restore
  • Improvements on framework structure

2017-3-28: 0.3.2

  • Finishing of the restore database method (need more testing)
  • Bug Fixes

2017-3-25: 0.3.1

  • Improvements on framework architecture
  • Bug fixes

2017-3-23: 0.2.1

  • Namespaces and classes autoloading support
  • Starting of writing the database restore method
  • Bug Fixes

2017-3-13: 0.1.314

  • Youtube downloading fixes
  • Button added to take backup of the database
  • CSS improvements

2017-3-8: 0.1.313

  • Shuffle button added
  • CSS improvements

2017-3-3: 0.1.312

  • On ALAC convert, it checks for required programs
  • On Login screen, the enter key works and it will change the button color
  • Improvements on progress control, when you are doing synchronisation operations

2017-3-2: 0.1.311

  • Fixes on login screen validation
  • Bug fixes

2017-3-1: 0.1.310

  • Changes to framework architecture
  • New option added to set the percentage on a song that considered played
  • Changes on user session update

2017-2-26: 0.1.309

  • Checking and displaying if required linux applications are installed.
  • Bug fixes

2017-2-25: 0.1.308

  • Changes on help texts
  • Changes on youtube downloading
  • Bug fixes

2017-2-5: 0.1.307

  • Bug fixes

2017-1-28: 0.1.306

  • Changes on code for downloading videos from youtube
  • User can give youtube playlist link and it will download all the videos
  • Bug fixes

2017-1-27: 0.1.305

  • Changes on code for downloading videos from youtube
  • User can choose to download a sound only version of a youtube video
  • Bug fixes

2017-1-19: 0.1.304

  • Displaying current cover album as favicon
  • Bug fixes

2017-1-19: 0.1.303

  • Usage of smaller image versions when needed and on mobile version.
  • Improvements and bug fixes

2017-1-18: 0.1.302

  • Massive creation of smaller versions and thumbnails, for all album covers in library

2017-1-15: 0.1.301

  • Saving smaller versions and thumbnails of album covers

2017-1-8: 0.1.300

  • Improvements and bug fixes on synchronization

2017-1-6: 0.1.229

  • If you click on a value on playlist, it will search for this.
  • Bug fixes

2017-1-5: 0.1.228

  • Security improvements
  • No loading of a new song, at playlist load
  • No autoplay at the start of the app
  • Bug fixes

2017-1-2: 0.1.227

  • Link for mobile/desktop version
  • Displaying media controls on player and on full screen
  • Song time slider on player
  • Bug fixes

2016-12-31: 0.1.226

  • Bug fixes
  • Security improvements

2016-12-31: 0.1.225

  • Sending song info to icecast server. You can disable it.
  • Settings for the icecast server are on Configuration page.
  • You can disable votes page from Configuration page
  • You can set default language from Configuration page
  • You can set Youtube API key from Configuration page
  • Adding, on filename, the upload date from downloaded youtube video

2016-12-30: 0.1.224

  • Improving vote system and interface
  • Displaying current song on votes page
  • When a song plays, it removes his line from the page of voting
  • List of songs with votes

2016-12-29: 0.1.223

  • Improving vote system
  • Bug fixes
  • Interface changes
  • Experiments with mobile layout

2016-12-28: 0.1.222

  • Fixes on page creation (css, scripts etc)
  • Vote Page

2016-12-25: 0.1.221

  • Initial implementation of the jukebox system, by vote of the song that will play next. Still in experimental use.

2016-12-24: 0.1.220

  • Bug fixes
  • Glitch on songs transition fixed

2016-12-23: 0.1.219

  • Press “P” key to play previous song from history playlist. If you press “N” for next, then it will return at original playlist and not play the next on history.
  • No duplicates on queue playlist. It will keep only the first play.

2016-12-21: 0.1.218

  • Enabling some “clear form” buttons
  • You can remove the song from playlist, with D key.
  • Change to temporary playlist table names
  • Keeping played songs on history playlist. You can see this list from button on search window.

2016-12-20: 0.1.217

  • Links from app to
  • Searching duplicates fixed

2016-12-15: 0.1.216

  • Comfirm question on playlist delete
  • Browsing path window at library paths
  • Fixed bug with language change

2016-12-14: 0.1.215

  • Completion on checking main/not main values at paths

2016-12-13: 0.1.214

  • Bug fixes
  • Use of date input polyfill for not supported browsers
  • Interface compatibility issues with some browsers
  • Interface optimisation
  • No need of web_folder_path option anymore
  • Checking main/not main values at paths